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Visual Center and Z Pattern


This poster design makes my eyes go in a Z formation. First I look at the film and clock heads. Next, I notice the produced by: then i look over at the 4.
This poster design has an optical center because the first thing I look at is the mans eye and is camera lens.


Shepard Fairey


Shepard Fairey was born on February 15, 1970 and he grew up in Charleston, South Carolina. He ¬†is a illustrator, graphic designer, and an american contemporary artist. He attended¬†Idyllwild Arts Academy and graduated in 1988. He got a Bachelor of Fine Arts in illustration from Rhode Island School of Design in 1992. His first famous work was “Andre the Giant Has a Weekly World News” which was a sticker campaign. He also DJ’d at many clubs and he went by the name “DJ diabetic”. These are two works that Shepard Fairey have created:

Personally, I am not a fan of his work. I think it is somewhat boring. I enjoy more colorful designs while he uses more of the same colors for each of his designs.