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Hieroglyphics and the Egyptians | 3000 BC



Hieroglyphics in a tomb

Hieroglyphics in a temple

Hieroglyphics on papyrus


A scribe is a person who can read and write hieroglyphics. Demotic script is alphabetic or phonic variations and were used to document writing. Egyptian scribes encouraged hieroglyphics to be written onto the walls of tombs and temples to show respect because they were the houses of gods and goddesses. Papyrus was substrate made from reeds native to Egypt. They made papyrus by wetting reeds and placing them criss-cross  over each other, flattened, and dried them. Then,  they rubbed them with flat surfaces to make them smooth. They used rocks, sticks, and animal blood to write on the papyrus. The Rosetta Stone was an important discovery because it was written in three different languages. It helped people discover and learn the languages and the culture.


For this assignment i created a carving in a cave wall just like how the sumerians used to do. I used the quote, “Five little monkeys, jumping on a bed, one fell off and bumped his head, the momma called the doctor and the doctor said no more monkeys jumping on the bed.” I used different symbols and images to create the pictograph. I did this by using Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

Lorem Ipsum


Lorem Ipsum is a place holder text that is made up of latin words. It has been around since the 1500’s. The latin literature it uses is from 45 BC making it making it over 2,000 years old. We use Lorem Ipsum to show us what our design will look like when it is actually filled with text.

Cuneiform and the Sumerians | 3000 BC


Early Cuneiform


Evolved Sumerian Cuneiform

Akkadian Cuneiform

The three different cuneiform designs vary as you can see. The early cuneiform is the most simple one and by the time the Akkadian cuneiform came along they were much more advanced and detailed. The early one had much more space between the lines and pictures and then the latest ones have no space. They used hundreds of symbols and lines to create them and communicate.

A nomadic civilization means that the group never really settled in one place and was always moving around. They Sumerians created this visual form of communication to keep track of all their documents and to have their own way of communication that no other tribe had. The Sumerians used clay tablets to write on. To make their designs they wet clay and formed it into flat surfaces. Then they used a wedge shaped tool made from reeds to make impressions into the clay. After they were done they  laid the clay in the hot sun to dry and harden. A pictogram is a symbol that is used to communicate something. I pictogram is what forms a pictograph. A pictograph is a group of symbols that stand for a word or group of words. An ideogram is a sign or symbol that represents a concept or idea rather than a word or set of words.

Cave Paintings | 35,000 Years Ago


This cave painting can be found in Lascaux.


The one below can be found in Altamira.


This one can be found in Chauvet.

Cave paintings are detailed designs that are found on the inside of cave walls and ceilings. Cave paintings are very colorful and are usually representations of large animals or traced human hands. Prehistoric man created cave paintings by making paints with water, plant juice, animal blood, soil, charcoal, and hematite. They then created brushes by using sticks, small stones, leaves, and animal hair. Prehistoric man created these caves to tell a story or recount an event that had already happened. Also, as an instructional visual aid to help teach about hunting techniques. They even created them for magical or religious reasons. Speleology is the exploration and study of caves. They find and research how long ago the caves had been made.

Assignment #2


For this assignment I had to create a poster to attract peoples eye and tell them what public domain means. I used a colorful background to make the design seem more fun. I also used the red font to attract a persons eye. Also, the bold font helps attract the eye and keep the person reading. I did this assignment in Illustrator and InDesign. My poster explains that public domain is work that you can use without siting because it has either expired or never had protection on it. For example, If i person dies after a while you may use there work. That is why I made one of the people in the background dead.