The Codex and Manuscript | 5,000 years ago




Illuminated Manuscript

Codex is derived from the latin word “block of wood” because people used to carve most of their images into wood or other surfaces. Also, they wrote on papyrus which is a very thick surface which could make it seem like wood. Codex evolved from the scroll. The difference between random access and sequential access is that in random access one can go to any point to find information in the writing. Sequential access is where you have to read the text in the order it was written in. A codex is a covered and bounded collection of handwritten pages. While an illuminated manuscript is where they adorned each page with elaborate illustrations and ornamentation. Craftsmanship is a person who practices or is highly skilled in a craft; artist. These people are important because they can come up with other ways to create art and teach other people. They could make life a lot easier and more elaborate. Codex gained so much popularity because it is compact, sturdy and an ease of reference. Also, it had random access, can be opened flat to any page, it is more portable and easier to organize in libraries. That is why we still use the codex format today. Today, the codex form is used in books and even technology that is being used as books. Such as the kindle and iPad. They both give you the format of a book or codex.


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