The Linotype Machine | 1800’s


Shlole’s typewriter

Merganthaler’s Linotype machine

Operator using Linotype

The typewriter was an important part of our history because it was the first form of using a keyboard and copying letters on the paper when pushing buttons. Typesetting is the process or action of setting down the type on the page. The Linotype was the greatest advance in printing since movable type because it allowed the type to be set mechanically rather by hand. Also it produced an entire line of type at once. The Linotype keyboard differs from the keyboard today because it didn’t have a shift key. Therefore, there were two sets of alphabets, one with the lower case and on with the uppercase. It also had black, white, and blue keys. The black keys were for the lowercase letters. The white keys were for the uppercase letters. The blue keys were for punctuation, digits, small capital letters and fixed width spaces. The blue keys were in between the black and white keys.


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