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David Hockney Collage


I created this by using photoshop. I took ten pictures standing in the same spot of different angles of the bear. Then i put them all together and added a drop shadow to each picture.


Assignment #8


For this assignment I created two different logos for Java Joes Coffee Shop. One of the logos contains 3 colors while the other one contains 2.

Pirates of Silicon Valley


Rate- 4 stars

This movie showed how Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Bill Gates changed the computer industry. They all went to Harvard together and started to try and create parts for computers. Then, Jobs and Wozniak created the Apple company. They were creating many computers that were popular and left Bill Gates. Bill tried to create his own computer software and tried to become as famous as the Apple company. Jobs was not a friendly person and made his workers work for many hours without sleep although although he was very creative. He had anger management and he eventually got fired once the company was bigger and had a different president. During this, Bill Gates software was becoming very successful and he is currently one of the richest person in the world. Now, Apple and Microsoft work together.

In my opinion I think that this movie was very informational as long as interesting. It showed how both Apple and Microsoft was completely formed. I think that Jobs workers put up with him for to long though. Gates and Wozniak seemed easier to work with. It is amazing how these people created such a difference in computers even today and how they have changed our ways of communication greatly. Overall, I think that this movie was good and the characters did a good job of acting. It helped me greatly understand the characters and the formation of the companies and computers.

History of the Computer | 1900’s-now


The Mark Computer

Univac Computer

IBM Computer

Intel 4004 Microprocessor

MS-DOS Computer

Our current computer dimensions are much smaller compared to the older computers. For example the Mark Computer was 55 feet long and 8 feet high. Most of our computers today you are able to hold in your hand. The ARPnet was the first operational packet switching network and the core network. This allowed machines to communicate with other machines. The world wide internet that we know was created was launched in 1990 and proposed in 1991. Two men named Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are known for the development of Apple 1. Steve Jobs is still working for the apple company while Steve Wozniak is not but he might return to the job. Apple has created “easter eggs” which are extra features in games or movies. Easter eggs found in Illustrator are if you hold down shift, control, and alt and then go to help and about illustrator a womans face appears on the left hand side. In the next 10 years i think that computers will become even smaller an more advanced also I think they will add more effects and more helpful tools. Maybe even 3D computers will become more popular.

Communication Arts Magazine


In the magazine I read an article called, “Re-Design: Aspen”. The magazine was issued in November 1995. In this article it talks about how design and other elements are being transformed. Also, they talked about what can be defined as design but it can’t be. Design is going into all new directions and budgets are ┬ábeing cut. Now with all the new technology design is headed into a whole new world. Some people don’t like the idea of only using technology and miss the old ways of design. They had meetings to figure out budgets and how they should handle the approach of designing. In my opinion I think that technology can help design greatly and shouldn’t be a bad thing. Although I think that we should be able to spend more money on the arts and designing to keep the art going and alive greatly.