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Job #10 inspiration


For this assignment we have to create a more complex info graphic. I will do my info graphic on Halloween facts. Including how much money people spend on candy, top candy, and how much money spend on decorations. This is my inspiration. I like the statistics they used. Also I like how they had a pie chart as well as other ways to express the information. I will add pictures of candy.



Job #8


For this assignment we had to create an info graphic. I did it on social networking sites. I kept it plain and simple due to deadlines.

Job #8 inspiration


For this assignment we have to create a pie chart or a bar graph on a social issue. I am doing statistics on social networking sites. Including Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and Google Plus.

I would like to create a bar chart similar to the one above. I like how they use the sites icons to show which one is which.

When I researched I found that Facebook contains 750 million users. Twitter has 250 million users. Myspace has 50 million users and Google Plus has 25 million users.

Review #1


What is imposition?

The arrangement of pages when printing a multiple page document.

Why is it an important part of the prepress process?

It is needed so the arrangement of pages are ordered correctly. 

What other steps are considered to be part of the prepress process?
Proofreading, editing, layout, scanning, and color separation.
What is the difference between reader spreads and printer spreads?
A reader spread is the way we read it in a newspaper or book but not necessarily the order that it is printed while the printer spread is.
What is a spread?
The layout of how the document is read or printed. Helps the printing process.