#17 research and inspiration


For this assignment we must create a poster and shirt design on a social issue of a certain decade. We must use typography, colors, and style to mimic that decade.

1) For my assignment I am doing the decade of the 1930’s. Since this decade was during the great depression most people tried to do as much as they could to be happy such as playing games, gathering around the radio and dancing, and watching movies. Most people didn’t have jobs and were out of money. People were rebelling against unemployment and the stock market. The one issue I am pinpointing in this assignment is the stock market crash.


These are three inspiration pieces that I am using. I think the first one because it shows how many people did not have jobs. Also, I like the second one because it physically shows the stock market being crashed and gives a visual representation of it. The third one shows the style of the 30’s which I want to include in my design. The women wore a lot of long dresses with hats and jackets.


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