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Font Type


Theme – A sympathy card

Name of Font – English

Classification – Script

Explanation – I would chose this font for a sympathy card because it looks formal as well as welcoming and thoughtful.

Theme – A hot dog stand

Name of Font – Hand of Sean

Classification – San Serif

Explanation – I chose this idea because it looks fun and inviting.

Theme – A diner style restaurant

Name of Font – Learning Curve

Classification – Script

Explanation – I chose this font because it reminds me of old time and is formal.

Theme – A logo for finical institution

Name of Font – Optimus Princeps

Classification – Serif

Explanation – I chose this font because it looks formal and is still interesting.

Theme – A certificate for a prestigious award

Name of Font – Chopin Script

Classification – Script

Explanation – I chose this font for a certificate for a prestigious award because it is formal and looks professional. Most awards use this type of font.


Article Summary on AIGA


Design for Change: An Inside Job?

In this article it talks about how design can make a difference in the world. It has been lost in this generation and they want to bring it back. Design can influence many people and more people should be using it. It will help businesses grow and be more successful. Designers are very hard workers and should be given more opportunities. In my opinion I think that we should use design more and it can make our world more interesting and fun.



AIGA is the largest and oldest professional association for design. It shows the value of design and success of different designers at different stages. AIGA’s goal is to advance designing into a craft, strategic tool, and vital cultural force.



Surrealism is visual artworks and writings of group members. It arrived in automatism or the exploitation of chanceeffects, unexpected juxtapositions, etc.

Examples of Surrealist artwork:

Title: The Temptation of St Anthony

By: Salvador Dali

Title: The Persistence of Memory

By: Salvador Dali

Title: Road to Nowhere

By: Leonid Shchigel

Communication Arts Magazine


In the magazine I read an article called, “Re-Design: Aspen”. The magazine was issued in November 1995. In this article it talks about how design and other elements are being transformed. Also, they talked about what can be defined as design but it can’t be. Design is going into all new directions and budgets are  being cut. Now with all the new technology design is headed into a whole new world. Some people don’t like the idea of only using technology and miss the old ways of design. They had meetings to figure out budgets and how they should handle the approach of designing. In my opinion I think that technology can help design greatly and shouldn’t be a bad thing. Although I think that we should be able to spend more money on the arts and designing to keep the art going and alive greatly.

David Hockney


The photos above are examples of David Hockney’s work. On July 9, 1937 David was born to Laura and Kenneth Hockney. In 1948 David won a scholarship to Bradford Grammar School, which was one of the best schools in the country. At the school he noticed that he loved the art classes and became very interested in them. He then transfered to the Regional College of Art to pursue his interest in 1953. The summer of 1957 he took the national diploma in Design Examination. In December of 1964, David went to London to talk about his homosexuality and came back to America to talk about it. He kept experimenting with all the types of new technology and created many works.

Jeopardy’s Man vs. Machine


Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings went against a machine in Jeopardy. The machine was an IBM mighty supercomputer and they called it Watson. The machine beat the to best Jeopardy players easily. The machine although had trouble with the section “Actors Who Direct”. Jennings during this section took this advantage and gained a lot of money. Jennings played a very good game and stayed somewhat close to the machine or “Watson”. In the end though Jennings could not stay above the machine. The total winnings of the machine was $77,147 while for Jennings it was $24,000 and for Rutter $21,600. In my opinion I would’ve guessed that machine would win. The technology these days cannot compare to people. Eventually machines with end up doing all the work for us.