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Current Trends of Communication


Today current trends of communication are mainly used with technology. Everyone is always on their cellphones, E-mail, or Facebook communicating with other people. People today are now lacking skills in actual communication with people face to face. Since people are always typing and using their cellphones for communication type is being greatly affected. People change the font styles and size on their devices to get it to where they like to read and can read it.

People can edit everything they do and make the font look fun and exciting to read. Research shows that most people do not like to sit down and write letters anymore instead they would rather send an E-mail because it is easier and you can make it more interesting by using the different fonts and styles. There are now thousands of different fonts to choose from and more are being created everyday.




Ligature is the combination of two letterforms into one continuos character. Ligatures were first created when words were written on metal. They could not write the letters close enough together so they combined them. Also, it made them write faster and easier. They were first created in the 18th century.

Lorem Ipsum


Lorem Ipsum is a place holder text that is made up of latin words. It has been around since the 1500’s. The latin literature it uses is from 45 BC making it making it over 2,000 years old. We use Lorem Ipsum to show us what our design will look like when it is actually filled with text.

Photo Manipulation


In the article O.J.’s Lat Run: A Tale Of Two Covers it said that the editors made his murder picture way more darker than he actually is. I can see how people thought this was somewhat racist. This is a comparison between the two pictures:

The editors used shadows and other dark editing factors. They also made him look more scary and mysterious. In my opinion I don’t think that editors should edit peoples pictures that much because it can make people look totally different and as you can see it can cause problems.  If i was O.J. I would be somewhat mad because of the racism that was added. Defiantly because the magazines are read by millions of people and the editing makes him have a way different profile and can cause people to look differently at him.

In the article “No Boo-boos or Cowlicks? Only in School Pictures” it states that photo editing is becoming more and more significant and that everyone is wanting to make major changes on what they look like. In school pictures people are even cut and pasted into pictures and can now even change their hair length and everything.“I think you want to look back on the way you were, and not the way you wanted to be,” Mr. Brand said. I agree totally with Mr. Brand. I sometimes think that editing away pimples and other very minor things is okay. Now with all the new things you can do people don’t even look like what they do in the pictures by the time they are done editing them. I think if people want a picture on themselves they should be happy with what they actually look like and not have to change everything. Also, this is making people think they have to look better because they see people in pictures that look flawless but in reality they don’t look like that.

Shepard Fairey


Shepard Fairey was born on February 15, 1970 and he grew up in Charleston, South Carolina. He  is a illustrator, graphic designer, and an american contemporary artist. He attended Idyllwild Arts Academy and graduated in 1988. He got a Bachelor of Fine Arts in illustration from Rhode Island School of Design in 1992. His first famous work was “Andre the Giant Has a Weekly World News” which was a sticker campaign. He also DJ’d at many clubs and he went by the name “DJ diabetic”. These are two works that Shepard Fairey have created:

Personally, I am not a fan of his work. I think it is somewhat boring. I enjoy more colorful designs while he uses more of the same colors for each of his designs.