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#17 research and inspiration


For this assignment we must create a poster and shirt design on a social issue of a certain decade. We must use typography, colors, and style to mimic that decade.

1) For my assignment I am doing the decade of the 1930’s. Since this decade was during the great depression most people tried to do as much as they could to be happy such as playing games, gathering around the radio and dancing, and watching movies. Most people didn’t have jobs and were out of money. People were rebelling against unemployment and the stock market. The one issue I am pinpointing in this assignment is the stock market crash.


These are three inspiration pieces that I am using. I think the first one because it shows how many people did not have jobs. Also, I like the second one because it physically shows the stock market being crashed and gives a visual representation of it. The third one shows the style of the 30’s which I want to include in my design. The women wore a lot of long dresses with hats and jackets.


Review #3

For Job #10, what did you do for each step of the creative/design process? Describe your process from start to finish.
For this assignment I first researched and got inspiration. Next I decided which fonts and colors to use to go along with the design. I then put all the information that i needed to on the page. Finally, I added detail and filled the rest of the space. 

What is color psychology? How can it affect a composition/design?
Color psychology is the feeling the reader gets from the colors in the design. Colors can really affect the whole feeling of the design. Different colors give off different feelings.

How did you incorporate color into your infographic? Did the color enhance the design? Why?
I incorporated color into my info graphic  by simply using the holiday colors that are used on Halloween. This helped give the info graphic the feel of Halloween. 

Find 2 examples of in-depth infographics (not just simple bar/pie charts) via the internet. Upload them to your entry and reflect on each discussing the use of color, principles, typography, etc.
For this info graphic they used a fun way to display all of the information. Also they used red to make certain parts stand out.  They also used road signs and other things to make it seem like the actual road.

For this info graphic they put the background as the outdoors to get the actual feel of outside. It has very good detail and is easy to follow. They used nice bright colors to give it a happy feel.

Review #2

Why is file management (organizing your design files) an integral part of the job/assignment process?
It is an important part of the assignment process because that helps your organization and can help you find your assignments easier.
What is the resolution necessary for printing raster images (images from Photoshop)?
The resolution necessary is 75.
What is the resolution necessary for displaying images on a monitor or website?
The resolution needs to be 300.
Name the principles of design and define each in your own words.
Line- Linear marks or the edges created when to shapes meet.
Shape- Made by lines. Geometric.
Direction- Which way the line goes.
Size- How much room an object takes up.
Texture- Surface quality. 
Color- Hue.
Value- Lightness or darkness of a color. 

Job #10 inspiration


For this assignment we have to create a more complex info graphic. I will do my info graphic on Halloween facts. Including how much money people spend on candy, top candy, and how much money spend on decorations. This is my inspiration. I like the statistics they used. Also I like how they had a pie chart as well as other ways to express the information. I will add pictures of candy.


Job #8 inspiration


For this assignment we have to create a pie chart or a bar graph on a social issue. I am doing statistics on social networking sites. Including Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and Google Plus.

I would like to create a bar chart similar to the one above. I like how they use the sites icons to show which one is which.

When I researched I found that Facebook contains 750 million users. Twitter has 250 million users. Myspace has 50 million users and Google Plus has 25 million users.

Review #1


What is imposition?

The arrangement of pages when printing a multiple page document.

Why is it an important part of the prepress process?

It is needed so the arrangement of pages are ordered correctly. 

What other steps are considered to be part of the prepress process?
Proofreading, editing, layout, scanning, and color separation.
What is the difference between reader spreads and printer spreads?
A reader spread is the way we read it in a newspaper or book but not necessarily the order that it is printed while the printer spread is.
What is a spread?
The layout of how the document is read or printed. Helps the printing process.