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Intro Writing Portfolio (Final)


My freshman year, I took intro to Graphic Design with Mrs. Dayton. In this one year I learned how to use three different major programs using MAC computers. I learned InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. We created many assignments and learned many different techniques and also history.

In this corse we learned how to do collages, pop art, backgrounds, business cards, digital imagery, logos, etc. I showed these in my portfolio. I think my strongest technique was collages, pop art, and digital imagery. My weaker techniques include logos and business cards. I enjoy taking pictures and editing them into what I want to create. I love using bright and fun colors to attract peoples attention.

Overall, I have learned how to create many designs. I love Graphic Design and hope I will continue learning new things in the future. I like being creative and making up my own ideas. Graphic Design helps bring out my creativity and bring out a different side of me. I will continue doing Graphic Design next year and learn even more techniques and ideas.