What is necessary to properly impose a multiple page document?
It is necessary to have your correct layout and order of pages. Also, you must have the right margins so that nothing gets cut off of the page. 
How can good communication skills help build an effective creative team and customer service?
It can help because you will get more business if you have good communication because no one will like you if you can’t communicate well and don’t have good costumer service. If you communicate it shows that the costumer service is good.
How can designers organize documents and support files?
Designers can organize their documents by creating different folders for each design. If put everything in your folders you’ll be able to find things much easier.
How can the elements and principles of design effectively be incorporated into a composition?
By making sure the principles flow with the design. They add interest and variety to the design. 
What is the process of developing designs from concept to final product? Why is this process important?
Before you have your final design you must revise and edit it. This step is very important because you could have simple errors that ruin your whole design.
How does color impact the creative strategy of design?
Color impacts the design because color gives you the overall feeling of the design. Different colors give off different feelings. You can also use color to make certain things stand out over others.

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