Speculator Pages

Decades Poster

Handbook Cover

Bowl Logo

Verve Piece

Pages From Children’s Book

Artist Statement:

I make art because it is a great way to express yourself. Also, you can be very creative and make your own unique designs. Art is a good way to get your mind off of the usual stress through out the day. I attend Chattahoochee High School and I plan on doing something including design later on in life. If it is not my main profession I still want to continue working in Photoshop and other programs because they are very helpful and can be useful for projects.

When I create art I first think of the audience I am creating it for. That helps me decide what colors, fonts, and pictures to use. Depending on how complex and interesting I am trying to make my design I use different techniques and themes. The materials I use are all in InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. In most of my designs I like using bright fun colors that are joyful to look at. I get most of my ideas from other designs that have already been created on the internet and use that for inspiration. I like manipulating and editing pictures to use in design the most.

My current work has been creating pages, posters, and logos. I liked creating Speculator pages because I learned how to create something for everyone and had fun with it. My pages were more bright and fun to look at. I hope to continue designing pages for magazines. Overall, my artistic abilities have definitely advanced over the year. I have learned how to make more complex and interesting designs. I have become more creative and I will hopefully turn into an advanced designer.


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